December 27, 2009

“…I was impressed with the quality of the report itself. You can tell when someone takes their work seriously by the final deliverable. Very happy.” – Susan G. – Richmond, CA

“The turnaround time was really good. You can’t complete a deal if the appraiser is slow. Peter wasn’t.” – Lisle T. – Albany, CA

“I’ve been working with Nancy Townsend for years, and there’s a reason for it. Her work is spot on accurate…” – Jamie C. – Sobrante, CA
“I don’t know if you ever see the end result.  Our lender called me early this morning with the good news and the first thing he said to me was that the rebuttal was written so well.  He said sometimes the appraisers take a personal approach but that yours totally concentrated on the issue of comparing the comps to the subject.  I am very lucky that I chose a lender who is able to reconcile the desk review within an acceptable percentage of the value.  I feel equally blessed that your name was drawn as the appraiser.

Thanks for your professionalism – these are tough times for our industry and I am always glad to see and benefit from others like me who are out there doing the best job possible for our clients. ” – Cynthia – First Priority Financial


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