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Servicing Alameda & Contra Costa Counties of San Francisco's East Bay

We provide real estate appraisals in California.

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Our mutual commitments are mirrored in a commitment to service & quality.

This is a family wwned Real Estate Appraisals business.

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50+ years combined experience means even tricky homes are our forte.

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From Oakland to Crockett, we've got you covered along the San Francisco Bay.


Estate Appraisals

The IRS requires an independent valuation as of the date of a homeowner’s death & sometimes 6 months after. Taxes are owed on any increase in value between the “stepped up basis” determined by the appraisal & when the property sells.

Home Loan Appraisals

For purchase or refinance, lenders require an appraisal. Most lenders use appraisers from pre-approved lists. Recent requirements are that the water heater be double-strapped, and the home have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

FHA Appraisals

For FHA loans, appraisals require photos of attics and crawl spaces. Utilities must be turned on, and no peeling paint is allowed on homes constructed before 1978. All systems in the home must be working. For example, any garage door opener must be operational.

PMI Removal

Private Mortgage Insurance is required when you mortgage a home with a down payment of 10% or less. When your equity increases and the principal mortgage balance is 80% or less of total home value, you can apply to remove PMI. That requires an independent appraisal.

Private Sales or Buy-Outs

E.g. a tenant may want to purchase a home from their landlord or one sibling buy out another. Our independent estimates of value provide an impartial basis for negotiation.

Marriage Dissolution

We can estimate the value of a home and/or other property jointly for the husband and wife. Alternately, we can serve independently for either party or their attorneys.

Charitable Gifts

When a home is donated to a university or charity, an independent appraisal is required. The appraisal must not have been earlier than 60 days before donation.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages enable older homeowners to take advantage of the equity in their home while continuing to live in their home. These are done using FHA standards.


We service Alameda & Contra Costa Counties of San Francisco's East Bay, Including:

  • Oakland

  • El Cerrito

  • Kensington

  • Pinole

  • Berkeley

  • Richmond

  • Hercules

  • Alameda

  • Piedmont

  • Albany

  • San Pablo

  • El Sobrante


Our combined experience ensures the highest level of expertise and accuracy.

Nancy Townsend is a real estate appraiser in California.

Nancy Townsend

  • CA State Certified Appraiser
  • Certified Expert Witness
  • SRA Designation from Appraisal Institute
  • Served: Board of Directors of Appraisal Institute
  • Appraising since 1986
Peter Townsend is a San Francisco, CA Real Estate Appraiser.

Peter Townsend

  • CA State Certified Appraiser
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Queen’s University, Ontario)
  • 30 years working in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Joined Townsend Appraisals LLC in 2001
Derek Prosser is a CA Appraisal Apprentice at Townsend Appraisals.

Derek Prosser

  • 20+ Years of Real Estate Related Experience
  • Background in Mortgage, Underwriting, Construction
  • Category 1 & 2 Apprenticeship
  • Joined Townsend Appraisals in 2017


Each of our clients receives a premium level of service according to the highest standards of the profession.


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We provide real estate appraisals in California.

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